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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for September 29, 2008

We had a very eventful week. I signed the boys and myself up for tons of stuff to enter in the Harvest Fair. I helped Asher make his "No Bake" cookies on Sunday and Cainan made his chocolate meringues on Tuesday. I ended up taking half the day off Thursday to try and get some of my entries completed. At the end of the day, I didn’t even get half of the stuff done. The boys only entered their cookies and nothing else. I entered some canned peaches, pears, pear sauce, barbecue sauce, truffles, and candy gift pack. I got them in at the last minute on Thursday night—my jars were still almost too hot to touch when I turned them in!

Then Friday morning at 4:30 AM Joe and Cainan got up to fly to San Francisco for a little guy time. Joe, his dad and Cainan spent the day in the bay area, then went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on Saturday. It was supposed to be both of the boys, but Asher’s really been acting out lately, so I thought he could use some one-on-one time with mommy and a less eventful weekend.

So, Asher and I went out to lunch, played in the afternoon, had a great dinner with YaYa and Aunt Rebecca. Saturday we got up and swam for a couple hours then went to the Harvest Fair to see how our entries did. Asher got honorable mention on his cookies (there were six other “no bakes” to compete with in his category and they’re all the same recipe). Cainan, however, got Jr. Reserve Champion on his chocolate meringue cookies. It was so exciting! I got Champion on my chocolate gift pack, my truffles got 1st, my pears and barbecue sauce took 2nd, my pear sauce took 3rd and my peaches got honorable mention. Overall, I was very pleased with everything we turned in. Especially, since I haven’t done any canning like that before.

By bedtime, Cainan and Joe were back home and I got to hear all about the Discovery Kingdom trip. It sounds like they had a good time. Cainan got to pet an elephant and watch the Dolphin show. They packed in a lot and decided to leave early so they could get home by 8:00 PM, instead of 1:00 AM. It was a good choice.

Sunday was the usual, church, groceries, lunch, nap, etc…Then this morning, Cainan managed to lock us out of the house as I was trying to get them loaded in the car. Thankfully, I was able to get a spare key from my grandpa, across the street. Then I get a call from the babysitter that he had gotten a hold of the baby powder while she was changing Asher. I was relieved to find out he had only eaten a little bit. I told her I was afraid he had powdered her whole house. “Oh, no,” she replied, “Just one room, pretty good.” Ahhh, my boys! The doctor said not to worry about the minor amount he had consumed, so that’s a relief.

I could use an uneventful week one of these days…

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