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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

I know it's been forever.  I have so much to share but not much time to share it.  I will have to make it a priority one of these days.  But I couldn't stand not taking a moment or two to post Halloween pictures.  We had such a great time and this year's costumes were super fun.  

Cainan was a shoe-in for Jareth, the Goblin King from Labyrinth.  He's tall, slender, fair, and doesn't mind make-up or getting into character.



We've had this gorilla costume for years.  I've been the gorilla several times in the last 10 years.  

This time we decided to change it up by using the gorilla costume to create Asher's "kid in a cage being carried by a gorilla".

 I thought it would be easy (gee, I remember that same mistake when I thought creating a paper mache Yoda mask would be easy, too--when will I learn?).  The concept was easy but it was a bit more work than I anticipated.  

It was so worth it, though.  He looked fantastic!


An amazing $5 Goodwill find helped Repunzel have the 
fantastic long hair she needed to pull of this costume.  Also found the dress second-hand and bought it way back in August because I just knew--just KNEW--it had a certain little girl's name all over it.


I bought this peacock costume for little Miss G but Little Man screamed and cried until I also tried it on him.  

I had a few other costumes that fit him and tried to get him to wear those but he always cried and said, "off". I desperately wanted him to be the lion because he was so cute it hurt!!


 Whenever the peacock costume came out, he demanded to have it on.


Plus, all Miss G was interested in was being something pretty--she especially loves to wear her ballerina tutus.  So, the day of, I relented and let Little Man be the peacock and made Miss G a lovely, lovely, ballerina.  They were both happy and that's what matters.  



They were also both adorable, even if everyone thought Little Man was a little lady--I had to remind people that the male peacock is the one that has all the beautiful colors so it was completely appropriate (like anyone really cared--he's just too stinkin' cute!).

We had a great time at our church's Harvest Fair and Trunk or Treat.  I love that my mom, grandpa, and in-laws colluded to create a great Trunk or Treat car and handed out candy that night.  It was a lot of fun.

Oh, I also made a last minute decision to just go as a dude. 
I had some fake hair and a quick trip to the Halloween store netted me some spirit gum to apply it.  I stopped at Goodwill to find me some man duds that fit me.  The result was that a lot of people were uncomfortable and giggled when they recognized me.  Several people never did recognize me.  I determined that I make a pretty good creepy dude, especially when you know I'm not a dude.  (I also had some nylon sleeves with tattoos printed on them from a previous Halloween costume, so that added to the overall "look").

 Joe is a good sport but Halloween is just totally not his thing.  I quit trying to make him be anything spectacular a while ago--I focus my creative energies on the kiddos who actually enjoy trying my crazy ideas.  Joe would go along with them too, but he's not very enthusiastic about it.  I tried to get him to go in drag to accompany my masculine look but he just wasn't thrilled with the idea and I didn't have the energy to convince him that it would epic.  So, he decided to wear his FedEx gear.  He was probably the most comfortable of all of us and it was still a good costume.  

I'm already thinking about ideas for next year!