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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for September 20, 2008

Today we took the boys to the railroad park and the Multi-Cultural Fair. Both were big hits, but the railroad park was their favorite by far. The boys got to ride on some scale model trains and operate a hand car. We looked at old cars, cabooses and engines. They had a blast.

The fair probably would have been fun too, but it was just too much for one day. They liked some of the exhibits, especially the kid's music booth, but they were in melt-down mode shortly after we arrived.

Hopefully, tomorrow we will get a chance to work on all the entries I signed them up for Harvest Fair. Both boys are entering a cookie recipe, popcorn balls and some artwork. We'll see how they do. Asher's become a fantastic helper in the kitchen. I can't get over how much he wants to and can do in the kitchen. Last night he crushed a bag of crackers for me to make bread crumbs. Then we set up an assembly line were I dipped the eggplant in flour, then in milk. I let him take it out of the milk and press both sides into the bread crumbs. He did every piece perfectly. I can't get over how much and how fast he's maturing.

A few weeks ago he was watching intently as Laura and I prepared tomato sauce. She brought over about 50 lbs of fresh tomatoes from her garden. We set about blanching them, running them through a sieve and cooking the juice down into sauce. Asher demanded to help--he would not be left out of this kitchen project. We set him to work on turning the crank for the sieve. He loved it and understood how the whole process worked!

Cainan still doesn't show much interest in helping out, unless it's trying the food. But I still include him and have him help out with some recipes. He's going to be entering a meringue cookie in the fair, since that is one of the low calorie cookies he can actually eat. Asher will be doing a no-bake since that's one of the only ones he can eat (he's allergic to egg whites, which rules out most baked goods).

It should be a fun day but it's been a very busy, busy weekend!

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