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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for October 27, 2008

Well, we made it to the coast on Saturday. What a great day! It was 70, sunny and there was no wind. We couldn’t have asked for a better day at the beach and to top it off, no one was on the beach. The boys played in the sand. Cainan liked running from the waves that were coming in. He wasn’t fast enough one of the times and we both ended up getting soaked as I caught him from being completely toppled over and he just refused to put his feet back down until the water had subsided. We were both laughing so hard and I couldn’t move out of the wave until he cooperated. So, we both ended up with sandy soaked jeans that we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to dry in the sun.

We played all afternoon and the boys mostly slept on the 2 ½ hour ride back to Medford. Of course, we asked Cainan before we left if he needed to use the bathroom. And we made one stop just outside of town and asked again. Within 10 minutes of being back on the road Cainan said he had to pee. Joe found a place to pull over about five minutes later and we got the pleasure of our first roadside pit stop with Cainan peeing down a mountain on the side of a road. I don’t think I’ve done that since I was a kid. But I was proud of him for holding it until we could pull over. He was wearing a diaper for the trip but he was insistent about holding it until we could stop. Yea, Cainan! We’ve had virtually no accidents in the last few weeks, although he still favors pooping in his pull-up if he’s wearing one. If he has on underwear, he’ll find a toilet. Weird.

Okay, enough potty stories.

I surprised Joe last week and showed up at church on Wednesday night. Joe does sound for our church most Wednesdays for the 7:00 PM service. I usually pick up the boys from their grandma when I get off at 6:30 and go home to get them ready for bed and collapse myself. But I’ve been thinking lately that Cainan would probably do really well in Awanas because he’s great at memorization. I felt it would really boost his confidence to do well in an activity where he will get great positive feedback and rewards. So, when I got off at 6:30 this week, I rushed home, grabbed the boys and headed off for church. I signed Cainan up for Cubbies and got all the info on it. Joe was happy to see us and it was really nice to all be in church together (Joe works on Sundays, so he can’t go with us). Cainan loved Cubbies and Asher enjoyed his time in the nursery with the other kids. It won’t be long until he’s ready for Cubbies too.

Cainan received two memory verses to learn for the next week: "God loved us and sent his son" and "Jesus loves me". He’s already got them memorized. So this week, when he recites them to his teacher he will get his vest and bag. Thereafter, he gets a badge for the memory verses he learns and we’ll add them to his vest. I know he will excel in this and get his vest filled up in no time.

I’m looking forward to Asher moving on from the nursery, too. He has fun playing, but obviously he doesn’t get that church has any meaning, because all he does is play with other babies and toddlers. I would really like him to get into Sunday School or Cubbies as soon as he can. We’ll see how it goes.

We’re looking forward to Halloween this week. Cainan will be dressing up like Dr. Jones (who was tickled to hear the news) and Asher…who knows. He wanted to be Thomas the train but when I put the costume on him he freaked out and took it off. Now whenever I try to ask him about Halloween and what he wants to be he always says, "I don’t want to talk." And he doesn’t. He just won’t talk about it; even with the bribe of getting candy for dressing up. He just says, "I don’t want to talk." I’m not sure what he’s going to be since we can’t seem to talk about it and when I try to put a costume on him he loses it. He may be a chef—since he loves to cook and has no problem wearing his apron. I just have to find a chef’s hat somewhere. Of course, I’ll post tons of pictures as soon as I get the chance.

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