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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for September 16, 2008

God is so good! I've been desperately looking for childcare since our babysitter gave us two weeks notice without any indication that she was quitting childcare. I don't know about you, but it's tough to find the right place for your child, not to mention two children, one being special needs and try to accomplish that in just two weeks when you're working full time. I've been dreading all the phone calls and explanations and the interview process, etc. It's such an ordeal and you just never know for sure you've made the right choice.

This time around I found that I had a ton of places to contact (variety is always good), but I quickly became discouraged as each of them told me no for various reasons. Out of all the calls I made, only two were willing to set up interviews and proceed from there. I decided to scan Craiglist and was making a rounds of phone calls from those ads when I came across one simply titled "Perfect Solution (Medford)". I clicked on it and shortly realized the name and situation sounded very familiar. This sounds like our pastor's daughter, I thought. And her address is right near the boys' school.

So, I gave Micah a call. Let's just say we both were kind of reeling after the conversation. She was looking for part time care for a couple kids (exactly what I needed--and kept getting turned down for). She is willing to take the boys to school and back. She knows Cainan and loves him (who doesn't--he's such a sweetheart). Micah told me she has interviewed quite a few families but just kept praying about it and didn't find that any of the kids "felt right". She told me right over the phone that she would love to watch our boys.

What an answer to prayer!! Micah's great and I know Asher will just love helping her with her little daughter. Asher follows his cousin around, who's also one year old (the same as Micah's daughter) and pulls things out of her mouth that shouldn't go in, he brings her toys to play with, he pulls her out of places she shouldn't go. I love hearing his little lispy voice saying, "No, no, Charwotte." I'm sure Micah's going to hear a lot of, "No, no Carwi."

I'm just so relieved to find the "Perfect Solution". We canceled our other interviews. I got her address to meet with her and talk about the boys' schedules, diets, etc. Here's the over-the-top part. She lives on a street Joe used to live on. It's a very short street. She gave me her house number. When I called Joe and told him, he thought I made the whole thing up--it's his old house!! Isn't that weird? So, the boys will be going to the same house Joe lived in as a teenager to be watched by a friend from church that just happens to want to watch to kids, part time.

Wow! God is good!

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