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Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas from The Molzers

It's almost the new year.  Christmas is over for 2013 and yet...there's a stack of my Christmas cards, in envelopes--addressed and sealed--sitting on my desk.  I never mailed them.  Even though we didn't have any family pictures done this year and I went to the trouble of PhotoShopping our little smiling faces onto one of those "awkward family portraits" (you can see the original and other contenders here), and created a humorous card.  I wrote our Christmas letter, printing it out and gluing it to the back of each card.  I looked up all your addresses, typed out labels, printed them and put them on every envelope.  I sealed them all up and got them all ready to go...and that is as far as I got.

So, if you usually get a Christmas card from us, don't worry--I didn't forget you.  I just forgot everyone (I'm not sure which is worse, right?).  I apologize! I haven't decided if it's worth sending them out's so late...but they're all ready to go...

Well, I did decide to just post it here on the blog so everyone gets the chance to see my PhotoShop work and read the short synopsis of how our year went.

I hope each of you had a FANTASTIC Christmas with family and friends.  While we endured the stomach flu during ours, we still were blessed to enjoy the time with family.  We certainly enjoyed the number of cards we received (from those of you who were WAY more on the ball than me!) and we enjoyed our tradition of taking part in the community dinner our church provides while helping serve, as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us!

"Dear Friends & Family,

I hope you enjoy our crazy Christmas card this year.  We did not get any family portraits done so we decided to use Heather’s PhotoShop skills to make a silly one (no we did not dress up as toy soldiers & the boys are NOT that big).

We have had a great year!  Joe has been working hard at FedEx enabling Heather to continue to stay at home as much as possible.  Our family also enjoyed a great vacation in Seattle together as Cainan went to summer camp & the rest of us enjoyed the sites in the city.  We also began hosting a small group through our church & have so enjoyed the blessing of new, close friendships.

The boys are growing at a frightening pace!  It is actually such a joy to see them develop, mature & learn new things every day.  Both boys are learning to love the Lord & serve others—that is the greatest gift a parent can have!  Cainan decided to be baptized this summer (you can watch the video on YouTube).
Cainan is having a fantastic year in 3rd grade with a wonderful teacher! Asher has been identified as being “talented & gifted” and we are struggling to keep him engaged in school as he LOVES to learn but goes at a much quicker pace than his class.

Heather has grown tremendously in her job at FACT, providing trainings & resources to parents about Special Education.  From a terrified, shy public speaker, to someone who enjoys getting up & teaching a group about advocacy, she has come a LONG way this year!

Joe was able to take a break from school this term so his 60+ hour work weeks during the season were more manageable (how does he do it?!).  None the less, he is closing the gap on his Comupter Science degree and we’re so proud of him for working hard to accomplish this goal.

That’s the Molzers’ year in a nutshell.  Hope you all have a blessed Christmas & we hear from you in the coming year!"