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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for September 15, 2008

Today was an exciting day for me. Cainan had his endocrinology appointment. We see Dr. Hannah every six months for a check-up, to make sure his spine is still straight, he's doing well on his growth hormone, check his height and weight, and overall, ask any questions about growth hormone. His last appointment with Dr. Hannah he was in the 35th percentile for height and 75th for weight. This time....40th percentile for height and between 60th-65th for weight!!! He's going down the chart for weight and up in height. Dr. Hannah is beside herself with his progress and always tells us to keep up the good work. She wishes she saw these kind of results with all her PW patients. I thank God that he's given me the wisdom and strength to manage Cainan's diet and keep him healthy and strong. It's hard enough to keep him on a healthy, low calorie diet and try to balance that with giving him the "normal" experiences of childhood, like birthday cake at parties, candy at Halloween, special treats at fairs, amusement parks and special occasions. But somehow, we're doing it.

He still isn't heavily food seeking. He does tell me he's hungry more often than he used to and we certainly can't leave food unattended. The kitchen has to be locked. He's never quicker or sneakier than when there's unattended food around. But as long as the food is controlled and he does not have free access, he seems very happy and well adjusted. I'm just so grateful that we're doing something right and he's reaping the benefits. By his next appointment, he should be completely proportional for height/weight. I'm just so excited!

So, as mentioned in the last blog entry, I was going to talk about last Thursday--dun, dun, dun....

We are still potty training and this time it seems like it's really taking with Cainan. He's doing great when it comes to peeing, more successes than accidents at this point. Pooping, on the other hand, is not going well. He goes in his underwear most days unless I make him sit on the toilet right after breakfast, at which time he will choose a book and sometimes stay in there for 30-45 minutes before he goes (I don't make him stay there that long--once he's on the pot, he chooses to stay there till he goes).

So, last Thursday, I had just gotten out of the shower and was holding a towel around myself when I heard Cainan say in his sweet little voice, "Help me, mama." I walk over to where he's standing at the kitchen gate and realize his underwear are sagging in the back. "You went poo poo in your underwear, huh, Cainan." He nods his head. Now, if I weren't dripping wet with only a towel around me, I would have immediately helped him. Instead, I told him to wait just a second and I went and told Joe that Cainan had pooped in his pants. I then proceeded to get dressed. Unbeknownst to me, Joe did not immediately get up and address the situation, that is, until he heard the toilet flushing in the boys' bathroom. He jumped up in a hurry and, now being dressed, I shortly followed. I walked in to Joe holding a naked Cainan asking, "Where's your underwear? Where is it, Cainan?" Cainan pointed to the bathroom. There was no underwear in the bathroom. At this point Asher chimes in his lispy, two year old voice, "In the toiwet. Cainan did it."

Now, this is the point where Joe's head nearly exploded. He's having visions of plumbers having to snake the whole sewer system and dollar signs going up, up and up. I, on the other hand, I have a long talk with Cainan about how nothing but poop and pee go in the toilet and that he's not allowed to flush the toilet unless mommy or daddy is with him. Cainan understands this now. Afterall, he was just imitating what he's seen us do (kinda). When he has an accident, we dump it in the toilet, flush it away, then wash his underwear. Since no one immediately came to help him, he just took it upon himself to dump it in the toilet and flush it away, underwear included.

Thankfully, it was one of his smaller, thinner pairs of underwear and it seems to have just passed through the line. We had no back up and it's been five days; things are still draining smoothly. Joe finally calmed down and Cainan knows not to put anything in the toilet now. Everyone at work thought it was hilarious and a perfectly reasonable reason to call in sick that morning. Of course, it's always funny when it's not your kid flushing their underwear down your toilet!

So, that's the story. We're still working on pooping in the toilet (I cleaned up another accident this morning before work) but overall, he's doing fantastic and it's just so exciting to see him stop in the middle of what he's doing and run to the bathroom. Even more exciting when I ask him if he needs help and he says, "No, I can do it all by myself, mommy."

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