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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for April 7, 2008

It has been many months since I last posted a blog and updated information about Cainan and all his happenings. He is doing very well right now!

Cainan started attending pre-school this year through Asante Child Development services. He goes twice a week for 2 ½ hours. He absolutely loves going to school. One of his favorite things about school is riding the bus with Pam, his bus driver. We have found that the most beneficial aspect of school is how much his motor skills are improving. He loves to go outside with his teacher Dave and run, run, run.

In December, Cainan had his tonsils out due to apnea problems. The surgery itself went well, but Cainan did not recover well. We had a very scary weekend after the surgery, and ultimately, Cainan ended up back in the hospital for three days. His throat had swollen shut, he had aspirated into a lung and developed pneumonia. He has recovered completely from that ordeal, and while he can breathe better at night, the surgery’s greatest impact was on his speech.

Cainan’s speech development has been slow, although he loves to gab. He was very hard to understand but was making good progress prior to the tonsillectomy. After his tonsils came out, we couldn’t understand a thing he said! It is very slow going now. We feel like we’ve taken many steps back. Cainan still talks a ton but only a few of us can interpret and it’s not easy. I am still trying to teach him sign and he often relies on signs when he realizes we are not understanding him. So far, we have only seen minor moments of frustration and he’s working very hard to speak properly. We are very proud of him and every day is a little better.

Cainan has a great sense of humor; he always has. We are seeing it develop even further everyday. He loves to laugh and crack others up as well. I can’t wait until he starts learning to tell jokes. He already makes his little brother laugh until they both can’t breathe.

Our really great news in the last six months is that Cainan has been seizure free since late October. Cainan was having seizure weekly even after he had been placed on Trileptal; it just wasn’t working for him. After meeting with another neurologist, he was placed on Keppra and hasn’t had another seizure since. We are so grateful as that was a horrible five month period trying to live with seizures that occurred with virtually no warning, often caused trauma when he fell over, and always left him exhausted for the rest of the day. We are so glad to have those gone now!

I will endeavor to do better with my blog postings and try to keep a regular update of Cainan’s progress and successes. We appreciate those keeping up with Cainan. I will also post more pictures soon too.

I've also been uploading videos of the boys to go to and look for posting from molzer77.

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