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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for August 3, 2006

Welcome to Cainan's blog!

Boy, he's really doing well. We've had a much needed relaxing summer so far. Cainan's loving spending time at home in the little quick set pool we got for him. Swimming is still his all time favorite physical activity. He loves it soooo much! I'm really hoping we're going to be able to make the swim spa a reality.

In case you hadn't heard, Phoenix High school raised about $6,000 toward the pool project through their Sparrow Club. They're phenomenal! We loved being a part of the school this last year.

Cainan just started daycare or "school" as we call it, this last week. He loves it! He didn't want to come home after his second day. I'm so glad he's enjoying the socialization and playing. It's such a relief to see a big smile when I drop him off instead of tearful goodbyes I remember from my childhood when going to daycare. It's tough on parents! I wish I could stay with them myself.

Speaking of "them", Cainan just adores his baby brother as you can see from the picture. Although Asher's not even six months yet, he's nearly Cainan's size and strong as an ox. He's really going to give his big brother a run for his money in no time. I think Cainan's ready for it. He loves to pet Asher's head and hold him in his lap.

We're super blessed and other than missing the boys while I'm at work, we're all doing great. Hopefully, I can update this blog with any pertinent information so you all can keep up with Cainan's great progress.

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