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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for October 22, 2008

Did I mention we went back to the pumpkin patch on Sunday? We had so much fun on Saturday before we got rained out and the weather was better on Sunday, so my mother and I took the boys back. We had so much fun again. This time Asher decided he wanted to go through the hay maze. I was surprised that he would be interested since it looks like a dark and scary place to begin with. But I knew he had heard us talking about it in regards to Cainan and how great Cainan did leading us through the maze so, I figured that’s why he wanted to try it.

Let me explain a few things about this maze. It is made entirely of hay bales that have been covered with dark plastic tarps. The result is a maze that, while not pitch black, is still very dark and confined. It’s perfect for ‘tweens who want a thrill and like running around in the dark without their parents. I knew Cainan would not be afraid of it because he isn’t afraid of anything, let alone, the dark. When I took him through it the first time, he completely understood the concept and lead me by the hand around every turn yelling, "This way, mommy. This way." I was very impressed that he understood what we were doing and did so well finding his way through.

Asher, on the other hand, I didn’t dare get near the thing. Asher is afraid of many things, especially the dark. When he decided he wanted to go in the maze on Sunday, I figured we’d get 10 feet in, around the first curve where it gets really dark and he’d turn right around and run for the entrance. Boy, was I wrong!

Asher may have loved the maze even more than Cainan. Between the two of them, my mother and I went through every twist and turn for a good 15 minutes, over and over again. While Cainan preferred to stay in the maze and run around in circles, Asher would lead me from beginning to end, then run right back to the entrance yelling, "Come on, mom. Let’s do it again!"

They would giggle furiously whenever they ran into each other around a corner and they especially liked breaking free from my mother and I to run off on their own. I was so impressed with both of them.

After the maze we visited the goats, rabbits and geese again. I believe Asher could have stayed there all day playing. Cainan quickly tired but was fine once I found a basket for him to ride in. It was nice just to be together in the nice fall weather.

After nap on Sunday we spent the rest of the day outside playing at home. I love warm falls days. The vibrant colors of the changing leaves surprises me every year. Even though it was sunny and 70, there’s still that crispness to the air and the smell of fires on the breeze. I swear Asher could live outside if it were possible. He followed me around everywhere I went and every time asked if he was ready to go in, the answer was always, "No, not yet. I just want to play outside." I completely understand. I feel alive when I’m outside in the sunshine.

Cainan is content wherever he is, even if that’s in a dimly lit bedroom reading books. I, at least, make him bring his books outside and get some fresh air. Once he sees Asher playing, he usually gets up and joins in. Joe even joined us to sit on the porch and watch the boys while I pruned trees, giving up the Sunday game that was on. It was a lovely afternoon for the whole family.

Hopefully, we’ll enjoy a similar weekend coming up. The weather’s supposed to be great and I’m contemplating a trip to the coast if at all possible. Maybe the coastal atmosphere will help Joe feel better. He’s been sick and overwhelmed lately. It would be great to have a stress free family day at the beach, roasting hotdogs and make s’mores. Of course, if we go, I’m sure you’ll all know ‘cause I’ll blog about it.

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