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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for September 17, 2008

Okay, a really quick entry tonight--one, because I'm tired and two, because I can't think of anything lengthy to write about at the moment. Mostly, I wanted to again share the successes we're celebrating in potty training!

On Monday I traded Cainan's and Asher's beds. I moved Asher to the top bunk with all his stuffies and put Cainan down below. My reasoning? Simply that the ultimate goal with potty training is that Cainan will wake up in the night if he has to go, get up, use the bathroom and go right back to bed. I told him this when I switched them. And each night, when I tuck them in, I tell Cainan, "Now, if you need to go pee pee or poo poo, you can just get up, go in the bathroom, go potty and come right back to bed." I'm hoping this will help with Cainan's early rising habits. I'm convinced he wakes up when he wets himself and it's uncomfortable.

So, last night, I tuck them in as usual and I crash in my own bed. At ll:00 PM, I hear a door open and I leap upright from bed. I'm not yet used to hearing doors open in the middle of the night in our house, especially when Joe and I are both in bed. I hear quick little footsteps down the hall and realize, it must be Cainan getting up.

I go the boys' bathroom and see him sitting on his little training potty, all bleary eyed, going pee. Unfortunately, he still had his pull-up on, but I was just so excited that he got up to go to the bathroom on his own in the middle of the night, I didn't care one bit. I reminded him that he needed to pull is underwear down before he goes. I pulled it off for him since it was now wet and I put on a new clean, dry one. He immediately trotted back to bed and pulled the covers up. I think he was back to sleep before I even closed the door. I was so excited!!

So, tonight, we talked again about getting up to go potty. I reminded him he needs to pull his underwear (pull-up) down before he goes and he said he would. He's just so sweet and I can't believe we're finally making progress in this area. On Tuesday, he did not wake up until 7:20--I think that's a new record for him. Today, it was the stroke of 6:30, which is always my goal, but usually I hear him awake anywhere from 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM. Today, nice and quiet until 6:30; and he wasn't soaking wet. I'm sure that's the answer!

I also found out tonight that he kept his underwear dry all day today! I'm just so proud of him.!

Now it's time for me to turn in. Good night!

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