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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for January 6, 2007

Happy New Year!

So this last fall was busy for our family. Cainan had another surgery in early December to close up the site of his g-tube. Yes, the g-tube was removed the October before last, but the hole going into his tummy had never closed all the way. Now he has a simple line scar instead of a round one that looked like a bullet hole. He won't be able to tell stories later on about how he was shot in the gut--he'll just have to say he was in a knife fight now.

Christmas was great. As you can see from the photo, he LOVED his Thomas the Train toy that Grandma Whiteley and I went in on. He spent an hour sitting on it, hugging it and kissing it. This was before he even learned that it moved or played music (we had to charge the battery for 18 hours!). He and Asher both love riding on it now and dancing to the tune it plays.

This year looks promising for our family. The swim spa project is finally coming to a head. We've put money down on it and it should be delivered within the next couple of weeks. We're starting to build the addition to house it as well.

Without the work from the Phoenix High Sparrow Club and the amazing generousity of Toys for the Home and Sunbelt Spas, we'd still be wishing for one in the distant future. Toys for the Home has been wonderful to work with and if you're ever looking for any type of recreational equipment for your home or backyard, please give them you're business. They're wonderful people and I will shamelessly plug them any time.

Both Cainan and Asher will be getting tubes in their ears in February. This should greatly cut down on the number of infections the boys are having. It should also make a remarkable difference in Cainan's hearing and speech development.

As of now, his ears are always full of fluid. Imagine trying to understand people and learn how to speak when it all sounds like you're underwater. After next month, the fluid will be gone and his hearing should be crytal clear. I imagine he will be blown away by the difference and everything will sound a little overwhelming at first. We're excited that his speach development should take off after the tubes are placed.

That's our latest news and history. I'll attempt to stay a little more regular on postings so you can keep up with all that's going on.

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