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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Entry for September 14, 2008

Well, last night (technically early this morning) we got back home from a whirlwind trip to Discovery Kingdom. The boys had such a blast! My mom and I took them as Joe was doing a guys hiking weekend and I was going to be home alone with the kids all weekend anyway. I called up my mom and we hopped on a plane (one of the luxuries of Joe's flight benefits) and we were in San Francisco by 8:00 PM. There was a little mix up with the rental car and it was about 11:00 PM before we had the boys tucked in for the night at our hotel in Vallejo. Of course, that didn't mean that they slept in any, on the contrary; they were up at 5:30. Mom and I were exhausted! By the time we got into the park at 11:00, they were already yawning.

But they did really, really great! They loved seeing all the animal shows. Cainan got to pet a snake right off the bat which he said felt "like a tire". He loved the Shouka (killer whale) show, however, I'm not sure he ever even looked at the pool once or noticed there was a killer whale. The music was really loud, with a strong beat and the audience was clapping and chanting throughout the performance, so he just loved all the dancing and clapping. I don't think he even realized it involved a whale. Asher on the other hand, was very impressed with Shouka and didn't particularly like all the loud music and shouting. Ahh, my boys--so opposite of each other!

Both boys got to feed the sea lions, watch the tiger show, killer whale show and dolphin show. They also got to see parrots, giraffs and lions, not to mention, all the play areas they have there to climb on and run around in.

I was so completely impressed with Cainan's potty training over the weekend. He told us each time he needed to use the bathroom and only had one accident, which was our fault. He was trying to tell us that he needed to go but I just couldn't hear him through the noise of one of the shows letting out. When we finally got to a quieter area, he had already gone a little and of course, I realized what he was trying to tell me. Overall, though, he did fantastic and I'm just so pleased that we're having more successes than accidents (that doesn't count him flushing his underwear down the toilet last Thursday--I'll have to blog about that later ).

We left the park around dinner time and drove back to San Francisco to catch a late flight home. It saved us on hotel cost, but darn am I sleep deprived! You'd think the boys might have slept just an hour later? Nope, at the stroke of 6:30 Cainan was yelling to get up. I fed them and sent them back to bed so we got a little more rest this morning, but it still doesn't feel like enough.

The boys are still talking about all the animals and the airplane rides there and back. Then to top it all off, we went to their cousin's 2nd birthday party today and my aunt had rented a little jump house for the afternoon. What a hit! Asher was a little aprehensive but, of course, Cainan climbed right in and jumped and played for a couple hours. He had a blast. I was really impressed with how hard he played.

It's been a very hectic and exhausting weekend, but the boys sure had a good time and it was grea to see them getting all these wonderful experiences.

To see more photos from the trip, see the album Discovery Kingdom

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