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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We're All Alive and Well!! (Sorry for the disappearing act)

I haven’t done a blog update in months.  So much has happened that I haven’t even known how to start…

I know the last update was discouraging, with no answers on my medical status and the frustration over the continued pain and lack of mobility I was having every day.  Thank you for those who continued to pray and encourage me.  I’m very grateful.  I can tell you, through a total miracle of the Lord, several things happened at the end of 2014.

In November I sensed a serious change in my job and felt a stirring from the Lord that I should quit my job.  I talked to Joe about it and we took some serious time in prayer because I loved my job and we certainly weren’t in a place where we would not miss the income if I just left it.  Through prayer and begging the Lord for some sort of confirmation or sign, I ultimately gave my notice.  It was heartbreaking and definitely the weirdest, hardest way I have ever left a job.  Once they accepted my resignation, there was no communication or acknowledgement from my employer about any of my work for them or my existence, really.  My last day I noticed I had been cut off from all the systems and I received a personal e-mail that my paycheck would be coming---the end.  Although it was painful, it was definitely a confirmation that I had made the right choice.

I definitely knew the Lord wanted me to wait and not seek further employment.  Joe and I knew we were approaching the end of our training and certification to become foster parents and I felt like God was just preparing me for that journey.  I wasn’t sure it would be possible to work with additional kids in the house, especially if there were infants.

Crossing my legs for the first time in over a year!
Over the first few weeks of January, my mobility suddenly began to return.  Within about 3-4 weeks, I could move my leg again and my pain was greatly diminished.  While I began to adhere to an essential oil protocol more rigidly and I started using some AMAZING vitamin supplements, I credit the healing totally to God (if He used the oils, the vitamins, the year of PT, whatever…I don’t care…He healed me and I am grateful!!!).  

On February 18th we signed off on the final paperwork to become foster parents.  Before that was even officially done we received a call from DHS asking if we could take three kiddos once we signed our home study and were officially foster parents.  There were actually two groups of three siblings they were trying to place.  We got down on our knees.  We texted our small group and asked that they lift up the decision in prayer.  We talked with our boys.  It wasn’t long before we called DHS and agreed we would take one of the sibling groups.  The first had already been placed and we accepted three siblings, (5 years, 2 ½ years, and 10 months). 

There’s so much I want to say about our experience so far but that will be for another blog post.  This was very, very overdue and I wanted to give everyone an update.  I promise to post again soon about our journey and how God is using us to help littles while growing us immensely in the process.  Thank you for all those who have been praying for us and encouraging us.  We need it!!  

Also, we are trying to obtain a larger van so we are able to haul our brood around easier, plus help out when we get those desperate calls from DHS asking for us to take an emergency placement.  Right now, we cannot help out because we don’t have the transportation.  We’ve started a GoFundMe campaign, and even if you do not feel led to donate (it feels weird even asking anyone to!!), please consider sharing, as someone else may feel led to.