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Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Does That Boy Eat? - Part VI

Today was a lazy day.  We went to have breakfast with my mom for her birthday and Cainan insisted on having his FiberOne cereal instead of the biscuits, gravy, eggs and bacon we were all having (which saved me from trying to creatively limit his calories but give him enough food).  However, I forgot to bring our low-cal milk and all she had was 2% (which has 130 cal per cup compared to the 60 in almond milk or 80 in skim).  Then we decided to go to a movie and I let the boys pick a candy from their trick-or-treat bag and, of course, indulge in some movie popcorn. 

I was careful with lunch because I knew I was going out for a much needed girls’ night tonight and Joe planned on having a “guys’ night” with the boys.  This was going to include pizza and probably some kind of indulgent evening snack too.  So, I gave Cainan a HUGE salad (always low calorie) with a light sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles and a serving of tuna.  Even with dressing it was only 100 calories—that gave him lots of room for the evening to have some yummy food.

I gave him a choice between having a tiny slice of whatever Joe orders or having me make him a whole pizza that he can eat all of.  He chose the homemade pizza (I made it on a pita, but usually make it on a low calorie wrap). 
2 servings Fiber One Honey Squares w/ 2% milk= 220
Small Banana = 70

Snack size Buttefinger = 100
1 cup Movie Popcorn = 90

Large green salad w/ tuna, blue cheese, Tzatziki & tomatoes = 100
6 oz Light Cranberry Juice = 5

6 oz Light Yogurt = 80

Homemade Pita Pizza = 350
Grapes = 50

Gummie Mummy = 75

Total for the day = 1140

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