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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Does That Boy Eat? - Part IIII

This was a pretty straightforward day.  I was out of Egg Beaters so he had cereal, which is usually something he only has on the weekends--mostly because he cannot consume it quickly (there was a lot of prompting this morning so we didn’t miss the bus).  I was also out of lunchmeat so I made him his favorite for lunch: tuna melt.  He was apparently, ecstatic when he opened his lunchbox and saw the surprise.  

Cainan also really enjoyed dinner tonight.  He likes pasta but has trouble with eating it.  He decided to try a fork and a spoon tonight.  I couldn't help snapping a picture of him using both utensils and sucking up a noodle.  

I was feeling indulgent myself this evening so we had Sundays for dessert!

2 servings FiberOne Honey Squares w/ Almond Milk = 195
Banana = 70

1 graham cracker sheet = 70

Tuna Melt = 185
Grapes = 60
6 oz Vitamin Water Zero = 0

6 oz Light Yogurt = 80
8 oz Light Cranberry Juice = 10

2 servings Spaghetti w/ 3 meatballs = 185
Breadstick = 100
6 oz Vitamin Water Zero = 0

¾ cup Choc Extreme light ice cream = 135
Whip cream = 25
Cherry = 5

Total for Today = 1120

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