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Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Does That Boy Eat? - Part V

Well, I did it again…I didn’t get my post done last night.  After rushing to finish the boys costumes, I insisted on a quick dinner out (thank you, Red Robin!).  We rushed home after and suited the boys up, then threw them in the car to get to Asher’s Trunk or Treat at his school.  The boys collected candy and compliments, then we came home, let them choose a candy, hurried them through the bedtime routine and collapsed in bed in time to watch Extreme Makeover.  It was AWESOME!!  By the time that finished I drifted off without even a thought about the blog, so here’s yesterday’s meals. 

Just a quick note about drinks when eating out…I always order water with lemon for the boys.  I squeeze every bit of lemon I can into the water and add a packet of sweetener.  Voila! Instant, fresh, sugar-free lemonade.  I know artificial sweeteners aren’t perfect but am I glad there are so many alternatives to calorie-laden sugar out there? Sure!  Did you know the surgeon general removed the warning on saccharine (that’s my personal favorite out of the commercially available ones found at most restaurants)?  Am I totally sold on the safety of artificial sweeteners? No.  But does it beat the health problems associated with having 200 lb 10 year old?  Absolutely.

 I am grateful for the outcome of the “obesity epidemic” in America, in that there are an innumerable amount of sugar-free, fat-free, low-calorie, carb-smart product in almost any food imaginable and it allows my son to eat a diet that does not consist solely of salad and water (which he will not drink on its own—it’s a PWS thing).  Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox, even though I have a lot more I could say about it.  But I’m kind of being preemptively defensive here and I realize that’s not necessary unless someone actually says something about the artificial sweetener thing…

2 Servings Southwest Egg Beaters = 60
Toast w/ light butter and sugar free jelly = 70
6 oz Carbsmart Yogurt = 60

Graham Cracker Sheet = 70

Lunch =
Tuna Melt = 185
Grapes = 60
Vitamin Water Zero = 0

Pumpkin Seeds = 90
Grapes = 80

Red Robin Chicken on a Stick w/ BBQ Sauce, 2 Melon Wedges, 3 French Fries = 295
Sugar Free Lemonade = 0

Reese’s Peanut butter Cup = 105

Total For the Day = 1075

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