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Monday, January 26, 2009

Week Three All Done!

I'm done with week three and well on my way into this week with grand plans to stay on track. I thought for sure this last week was going to be a disappointment. I've been working out quite a bit but I also went a little overboard this weekend with eating. It's official--I absolutely am addicted to cheese. Who knew? Chocolate? No problem. Coke? I quite cold turkey three weeks ago and haven't looked back. Cheese? I can't get enough of it. I'm craving Mexican food with tons of melted cheddar and jack over a spicy burrito, or a thick grilled cheese sandwich with lots of American and cheddar. It's a definite weakness.

I was doing alright until I went away for the weekend to relax, all alone. I was staying at a mountain resort and I didn't bring much besides my protein bars to sustain me. That meant eating out at the nearby town for a lot of meals. I wouldn't have been as tempted if I had prepared and brought snacks to satisfy me throughout the day. However, I didn't and by the time mealtime rolled around I was starving and my will-power was nil. I succumbed to pizza and fattening Mexican food three times!

Now, I did walk to work this week, and I swam vigorously for 30 minutes a the resort, and I probably walked a couple miles while I was there too, not to mention my workouts with the Wii. Even so, I knew it wasn't going to make up for all that cheese! Despite the cheese, I'm still down a pound this week and I'm thrilled! I thought for sure I was going to have to disappoint my followers (and myself) with a weight gain.

Plus, Saturday evening, as I was packing up to go--and regretting my chili colorado burrito--I checked my e-mail. I noticed some friends had made a donation to FirstGiving. I checked the page and was overwhelmed by their generosity. I have to give a special thanks to Ryan and Emily for donating $240.00 to my lose-a-thon efforts. I am so grateful for the donation and that puts me about a 1/3 of the way toward raising the $1000.00 goal I've set. Wow! It also really helps me with accountability. I know I want to lose this weight for myself and my family, but knowing other out there are reading this blog, following along and putting their money behind me, really helps me stay committed to my goal. Thanks again, Ryan and Emily.

That reminds me...some of you have expressed interest in sponsoring my weight loss on a "per pound" basis, rather than a flat donation. That's great! If you'd like to do that, just shoot me and e-mail and let me know whether or not you'd like to remain anonymous. I will post your name and sponsorship on my website. The last week of May, when the lose-a-thon ends, you can make your donation through FirstGiving based on the total number of pounds I've lost.

This week will be better. I spent most of the day preparing my meals and snacks for the week. That makes a huge difference. It's getting caught off guard or not having little low cal snacks to tide me over throughout the day that end up in overindulgences. This week I'm prepared so that won't happen.

Thanks again to everyone who is sponsoring, donating and following me on this journey. I really, really appreciate your comments and support. It helps me know someone is reading this blog and paying attention to whether I lose the weight or not. Please keep the comments and encouragements coming.

Week 3 = 176 lbs (-14 lbs total)

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