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Monday, January 19, 2009

Week Two Over and Out!

So, I've made it through another week. I have to admit, there's been some ups and downs. I kicked up my exercise, which is a good thing. On Thursday, I walked to work with a friend--it's two miles from my house. We were going to catch a ride home but decided we'd walk home too. It was a lot for someone who: one, doesn't exercise much; and two, has horrific feet. I've never been able to walk or stand much. In the last two years I've developed terrible plantar fascitis--for those of you who aren't familiar, let me explain it as severe and chronic pain in the heal and bottom of the foot. The only way for it to get your feet.

Well, I've had enough of not being able to do the easiest and most efficient exercise for losing weight. So, I said the heck with it and decided I'm going to walk as much as possible. Yes, I'm back on my Naprosin, fish oil, icing my feet and sleeping with a special splint for plantar fascitits, but as long as I can take it, I'm going to include walking in my routine.

I've also been using my Wii Fit almost daily. It's so much fun and I'm really enjoying the yoga. I always knew I was pretty flexible, but the yoga moves really add a strength element to it. Also, it feels like I'm doing something constructive with my flexibility. Yes, I know my muscles will extend and my joints can hyper-extend but now there are structured stretches/poses that feel so good to hold and move into. It's like my weird loose joints have finally found their calling, and it's yoga!

So, those are the good parts...then there were the less than good parts. I had a couple oopses with food. I've really been doing pretty well, but I found when temptation was placed within my grasp, I grasped. Part of the reason I decided to walk home on Thursday was due to the giant chicken quesadilla I ate for lunch. All that cheese and tortilla just sounded so encredibly good! I really have a cheese weakness. I've been doing well with my light string cheese for snacks but all that melty goodness on a toasted tortilla just got to me and I ate it all up.

If that were my one oops for the week, I'd feel okay, but that wasn't the end of it. Sunday I was sick and I felt really, really yucky. And somehow that justified eating a Sonic cheeseburger for lunch and an Arby's toasted sub for dinner. Those two meals alone exceeded the recommended daily calories I should have been eating. But on the bright side, I learned an important lesson--food is definitely a comfort issue for me. The thought of salad to go with my soar throat and headache was just unbearable. I wanted grease and cheese and bread. I felt better, momentarily, then my stomach hurt.

Like I said, it's been a week of ups and downs. But the biggest down that I'm proud of is the three pounds I'm down this week. I'm not sure how it happened in light of my multiple splurges, but I'm glad they didn't set me back too far. I can only assume the extra activity is kicking in. I know there will be a pateau coming soon. There always is. Especially, as I continue to work out and build up muscle. But for now, I'm celebrating my three pounds and continuing, undeterred on my path toward May 31st.

Thanks for keeping up with me. Please send me comments and e-mails for encouragement. They really help. Thanks!

Week 2 = 177 lbs (-13 pounds total)

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  1. Congrats on the loss, Heather! You're doing great! Don't worry too much about slip-ups, the most important part is just picking yourself back up and not beating yourself up over it.