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Monday, February 2, 2009

Week Four--A Plateau

I've made through yet another week and hit a stand still. It's to be expected. I'm not exercising as vigorously as I should be and I've been too lax with my "splurges". I spurge once a week is one thing--every couple days is completely different.

So there's not much to report on this post. I know I didn't work out enough and I took in too many calories. I know I need to change that this week and from here on out. At the end of this week I'm off to Disneyland where I know I will be walking non-stop for two days straight. I also know I'm going to have a Monte Christo and some garlic fries at the very least. It's something you gotta have when you're in Disneyland.

Knowing that is my splurge this week, I will make sure I'm prepared the rest of the week to set the bar high. I plan to work out more and not let my temptations overcome me. With that being said, I'll leave you at my totals for week four.

Week 4 = 176 lbs (-14 Total)

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