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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun With Rice Krispies (Egg Allergies Strike Again)

Since Asher was highly allergic to eggs as an infant and toddler, I had to come up with creative birthday cakes that didn't include cake.  I found rice krispie treats to be my friend in this matter.  I experimented with different flavors and of course, different shapes.  Below are some of the cakes he had for his past birthdays before he outgrew his egg allergy (thank God for that!!)

I happened to have a Mickey Mouse shaped pan.  I little cocoa powder added to the rice krispie treat mixture makes for chocolate rice krispies.  I simply pressed those into the top portion of the pan, then pressed the regular ones into the bottom portion.  A little decorative piping of frosting finished off the face and he was thrilled (this was for his 3rd birthday).

Along with the Mickey Mouse cake, I made some extra "cupcakes" using a flower shaped bread tube.  I just crammed them all in the tube and when they set, I slid them out, sliced them and decorated them with some flavored icing.  Easy and pretty!

For his 5th birthday, I made a Handy Manny "cake".

I made sugar cookies without eggs and decorated them as all the tools.  

I made the tool box out of rice krispie treats and covered it with fondant. 
A little decorating and everything came together nicely.  At least, he was pretty excited about it.

For more information about other cakes I've made, see my other blog entry on fun cakes call "My Handiwork in the Kitchen".

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