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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School!

Wow!  Another school year has started!  I absolutely love summers with my boys at home.  We have all kinds of adventures—I love hanging out with them!  But I’m also usually ready when school rolls back around—and they are, too.  Both boys were very excited to return to Roosevelt and see their friends that they missed all summer.  

Once again, Cainan asked his teacher if he could do a short presentation on the first day of class to explain why he does some things a little differently than other kids.  This year we also created a PowerPoint to go along with it.  I was able to record him this year, including his Q&A afterward.  It’s really great to see the kids curious and asking questions.  

UPDATE: Some of you have requested a clearer version of Cainan's speech and PowerPoint.  I've just uploaded his run-through that he did at home.  I hope that helps!


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