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Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 15 - Back on the Horse

Well, we finally have our TV back which means I can exercise and weigh in with my Wii again. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear I've made the best time of my two weeks without television.

Actually, I was very active. The weather's been nicer lately and I'm back to working in the yard, spring cleaning, playing with the boys, etc. Plus, I've continued to walk to work and swim regularly. I've been getting in a lot of exercise!

I've also noticed that many of my favorite clothes are falling off of me. Particularly, my pants. If I didn't have a yucky pooch on my lower abdomen, I'd really be in style with the low rise look, as all my jeans and shorts are hanging down around my hips.

So, I know, despite my weigh in this week, that I am losing. It must be muscle? I know...I've said that virtually every week since this thing began. I don't know what else to say. The results are becoming obvious but the scale quite moving six weeks ago. I'm just not sure what's going on. I'm loathe to make any further predictions, like: soon, the plateau will end; eventually you can only build so much muscle and the fat will start melting off; soon the scale will began a dramatic decline again...

I'm not going to voice any of those opinions again. I'm just going to tell you that I'm obviously losing weight and I'm meeting one of the other main goals of this lose-a-thon: I'm gaining a healthy lifestyle full of activity. I go, go, go now and I've really noticed a difference in my stamina.

As an example of just how much I've been exercising, let me tell you about our Team Trek challenge at work that ended last week. Beginning in mid February, teams of co-worker at the city, set out to walk. We could also do other activities (like swim!) and we had a chart that showed us the activity, duration, exertion and how that translated to mileage. Each week we reported how many miles we walked (or exercised). Our goal was the follow the Oregon trail from the border of Idaho and Oregon all the way to the end at Oregon City. My team made the trek. We were very proud of ourselves. At the end of the journey, I added up my personal miles and noted I had worked out the equivalent of walking 128 miles in the last two months. That's no small feat!

So, I will continue on my journey and keeping posting my progress. Thanks!

Week 15 = 173 lbs (-17)

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