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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 14 - Avoiding?

I'm really not trying to avoid anyone or the question of my current weight. For those of you who actually read this blog and have been keeping up on my progress, I have a confession to make and some explanation...

I admit to avoiding the scale one week and posting the article "Imagine" to bring home the point of what living with PWS is like. I wanted the focus to be on the condition and what Cainan goes through on a daily basis, not how much weight I've lost--because this is not about me. I hope each of you got to read it an ponder it a bit. I think about the life Cainan leads and his inescapable hunger on a daily basis.

I did not post anything the following week at all. That, I can truly explain, was not avoidance. As you know (if you've been reading the posts) I use my Wii Fit to track my weight, BMI and to do regular exercises. I've only been weighing in once a week to avoid the trauma of watching the scale bounce up and down daily. Well, last week our TV broke and I have been unable to use my Wii. That means, no weigh in and no tracking. We have a part on order and it's my hope that it's back up and running by this weekend. But that also means, no weigh for this week.

I admit to owning a bathroom scale, but it's worthless. I compared weights on it to the Wii when I first started this process an noted immediately, it weight me several pounds heavier than the Wii. As I test, I re-weighed my several three more times within a few minutes and each time it gave me a different weight by one to two pounds. So, I'm not even setting foot on it right now.

I apologize that I haven't posted my progress but I promise, by next week's post, I'll have something to put down. I have really been stepping up the workouts and I'm finding that they're easier than they were a few months ago. At the very, very least, I'm getting fitter and that's exciting.

So, for those of you loyal readers out there. Thank you for continuing to read and please don't give up on me. I'm still in the race and still working hard toward my goal: 50 lbs and $1,000.00. Thanks!

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