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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cainan's IEP Presentation

I never realized the importance of having Cainan participate in his IEP until after I began attending Partners in Policymaking.  Last year, Cainan did a short presentation during his IEP, as well as his placement meeting at the end of the year.  His desire to be in a general education class with his peers and attend the same school as his brother, was an important part of the placement decision.  Now, we always talk to Cainan about upcoming IEP meetings and topics we have to discuss.

Cainan's IEP meeting for this year was on Thursday.  This year Cainan talked about how much he has enjoyed going to his school, what he identified as goals he wants to work on and what accommodations he likes, as well as his desires for next year.  Here's a video of him running through the presentation before his meeting: 

His presentation always makes a big impression on the team and I'm so proud of him for being involved and sharing his opinion.

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