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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week 9 - What Else Can I Do?

I don’t know what to say…last week was a success on several levels. I worked harder than I have to date. I worked out every day but one. I walked, I swam, I dug a giant tree stump out of the ground, I leveled earth with a shovel and hoe, I did housework, I played with my sons. I was very active. That was great!

I also kept to my commitment of honoring Cainan and sticking to a regimented eating plan. There were times when I was hungry, times when I did not want the things I had already prepared for myself, but I did not give myself the option of going out and buying something else. I ate what I prepared. I accepted the hunger, knowing Cainan lives with it every day. I stayed on course until Sunday evening, when we both splurged on some pizza and a big salad.

Even so, with all that activity and reduced calories, I didn’t lose an ounce. I’m really perplexed. I know there are plateaus in weight loss—I’ve been on one for the last month now—but I always thought there were reasons for them; not enough exercise, not eating right, etc. I though if I changed up my routine and restructured my eating I would be able to kick this weight loss back into gear. I don’t know why it hasn’t happened.

I know I’m more active now than I have been in a year and I also know I’m not eating more than I did when I was sedentary (in fact, I’m eating considerably less calories)—so doesn’t it make sense that increased calorie burning and decreased calorie intake would equal weight loss? I don’t know how it’s possible that it doesn’t.

I’m going to keep at it. The only, only thing I can think of is that I am still building muscle, since a lot of the activity this week was not as aerobic and more strength training. Even so, hacking a tree stump and the earth for two and half hours straight should have burned a considerable amount of calories. But at some point, the muscle has got to help me start burning fat. I should be able to get to the other side of this plateau and started climbing down again in weight. I can’t keep expending this much energy and not see results—it’s not mathematically possible!

So this week, if you’re keeping up with this blog, please say a prayer for me. I need some encouragement. I know I’m doing the right things but it’s daunting to see the scale hover over the same numbers week after week. Thanks for your support!

Week 9 = 174 lbs (-16 total)

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