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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Entry for December 15, 2008

Okay, I promised myself I would not let a month go by between posts but look what’s happened! My last entry was a summary of our trip to Disneyland in early November, now it’s just 10 days ‘til Christmas! My only excuse is that we’ve been tremendously busy and nothing huge has happened to blog about.

We had a wonderful, uneventful Thanksgiving with family. Everyone got along and dinner was great. The boys loved playing with their cousins and as far as I could tell, there were no underlying tensions between the adults. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to be together and visit.

We’ve been going non-stop with work, school for the boys, therapy appointments, meetings with teachers, church, Christmas shopping, etc. It seems like every minute is packed these days. I’ve been trying to preemptively prepare for New Years at Running Y. This is our largest and longest event yet. I believe I’ll be taking care of 17 people for five days. That’s a lot of cooking and organizing. I’ve already got four of the main meals prepped and frozen—that took me almost an entire weekend. I’ve been working on lists and lists of things to organize: who’s staying in which bedroom and which chalet; what to bring for us; what to bring for the boys; grocery lists of things to buy; lists of already prepared food to bring; ahhhh! It’s a lot, but I love it, too. I like being able to provide a great time for so many.

The boys are enthralled with the season and the weather. They’re very excited about Christmas this year as they’re both old enough to understand most of the concepts. They’re looking forward to Santa Claus bringing them presents. Everyday they ask me if today is Christmas. Asher has also made the connection that Jesus’ birthday and Christmas are one and the same and he uses the terms interchangeably. Cainan will ask if today is Christmas and Asher will ask if today is Jesus’ birthday. They want to have cake and open presents to celebrate his birthday.

Asher is such a sponge! He amazes me, not only with what he retains, but with his ability to make abstract conclusions from that information. When we were talking about Jesus’ birthday he told me yesterday that Jesus made the snow on the ground and Jesus can get rid of the monsters in their room (of course, there aren’t monsters but it helps him to know if there were, Jesus is bigger and stronger than them); he knows Jesus loves him and takes care of him.

Just this morning, as we were carefully driving to the babysitter’s house I was explaining that we have to go slow because of the snow. I told them it’s very cold and slick like ice. Then Asher tuned up and said in his little two year old voice, “Yah. We have to put salt on it so it won’t be swippery.” I’m sure, at some point, Joe or I mentioned that salt helps melt ice—the fact that he not only remembered that obscure information but was able to connect it with the snow being slippery like ice just blew me away. That boy is soooo smart! He comes up with something like that daily and I just can’t get over it most of the time.

It’s so nice to realize that, though we’re busy, we all happy and healthy. I’m grateful that none of us has been terribly ill. The boys haven’t even had colds this year—a big change from last year! We’ve had no surgeries, no hospital stays, very few medical appointments. It’s been such a relief.

I will go ahead an make another entry with our Christmas letter. Our cards and letters are on their way. In case you can’t wait or for some reason you subscribe to our blog but I don’t have your address, you can read the letter here. And I’ll try not to let another month go by between posts!

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