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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Another year has come and gone already and what a year it has been! I’m not going to rehash all the major events that happened in this country since last Christmas (I’ll leave that to CNN & VH1) but I’d be happy to give you a rundown of the Molzer Family’s major events for 2008.

Medically speaking, we’ve had a great year; no surgeries or hospital stays in 2008 (Yea!). Though it took a while, Cainan recovered from his disastrous tonsillectomy he had last year at exactly this time. He has continued to grow and amazes us everyday. He’s so tall and looks very much like a little boy these days and not our jolly little toddler from just a year ago. He talks up a storm and, while his vocabulary and communication skills have hugely improved, it’s still very difficult to actually understand his words. He’s working on that though; he’s very motivated to be understood and pretty patient about repeating himself and/or incorporating signs until we get what he’s saying. He’s continuing in pre-school and he loves, loves, loves it! This will be his last year for pre-school as he’ll moving into Kindergarten next year!

Asher has had a very eventful year. We’ve always known he was a sensitive kid but we learned earlier this year that there’s actually a “disorder” and treatment for kids like him who are really sensitive; it’s called Sensory Integration Dysfunction. He’s been seeing an occupational therapist since June and what a huge difference it has made in all our lives. He’s so much calmer and less fearful of things. He can relax a lot easier and we’ve learned how to give him the kind of attention he needs to make progress. He’s such a delight and sweetheart! He also started pre-school this year and attends the same class as Cainan. It was really a blessing that he could attend with his brother as this allowed him to make a smooth transition and enjoy the classroom experience. He’s more willing to try anything if he sees Cainan do it first. Cainan even participates in Asher’s therapy for that very reason, so that’s helped a lot.

Both the boys are so much fun! Joe and Heather are really enjoying their time with them through these toddler days. We recently got back from a family trip to Disneyland (in case our Christmas card didn’t give that away). That was at the

beginning of November and the boys still talk about Disneyland every day. They will talk your ear off about all they saw and did. It was a great family vacation and we had tons of fun! We have lots of pictures linked to our website at

Moving on to Joe…he is still working with SkyWest as a supervisor but hoping to make a transition to another opportunity soon. In the spring he hired an instructor to teach him to drive big rigs and he obtained his CDL in an amazingly short time! He hopes to operate large equipment for BLM or similar work. He will be very excited to take a break from the customer service business for a little while.

Heather is still with the police department. She was able to attend a great training this year on Forensic Video Analysis and hopes to continue next year with more training. In July she and the boys were in two car accidents, a week apart. The second was a drunk driver who fled the scene (later caught). Thankfully, there were no major injuries (Praise the Lord!). The boys are fine (other than a brief fear of car rides). Heather has a herniated disk in her neck and may have to have surgery in the next year or so. She’s still recovering but doing very well!

God is so good! We had a wonderful, blessed year! We hope you all had a great year, too. We wish the best for you and your family in the next!

Joe, Heather, Cainan and Asher

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