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Monday, September 30, 2013

Easy Chalkboard Paint on the Cabinets

I am feeling organized today.  That doesn't always happen...okay, it happens a lot less than it should...

I have a son who thrives on organization, routine, and structure.  I try to accommodate both of our needs: his for schedule, mine for freedom and spontaneity.  Neither of us can function without some element of those complete opposites in our daily lives. 

Some time back I used some of the leftover paint we used to paint just about every surface in the house and made my own matching "chalkboard paint".  I painted two of our cabinets with it, thinking it would be a great place to leave notes, put up verses, write a menu, etc...

Today, I decided it was time to try and put some order into our extremely busy fall schedule and help Cainan have a visual that will give him some peace.  

I broke down each day of the week.  I included a verse each day that one of them is working on in Awana for the next week.  I added in their responsibilities after school, as well as the extracurriculars we have going on each day (the first three days of the week are super heavy!).  This crazy schedule will only go for the next 6-8 weeks but that's plenty!  

I also included the dinner plan for that day IF I have one.  This will help keep me a little more accountable, too when it comes to planning dinner.  Although, we love our spontaneous dinners out with the parents/friends/no-reason-except-mommy-doesn't-want-to-cook nights, too (even structured Cainan can roll with those).

If you want to make your own colored chalkboard paint, it's easy.  I used the recipe from this site:   She says to use acrylic paint but I just used our semi-gloss enamel and it worked just fine!

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