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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm Back!

Well, technically I never really went anywhere, I just stopped updating the blog.  I started a second blog on health and exercise but also didn't keep that one up very well.  I decided to combine both and try to maintain a regular posting schedule.  I'm hoping for a bit more success this time around because I'm no longer working outside the home and now BOTH my boys are in school, so my mornings are free (YEA!!).  Of course, I have more than enough activities to fill up those empty mornings but I'm working on getting everything organized and including blogging into my schedule.

There's way too much to update on what has happened since the last post or even in the last year, but I will be doing some brief recaps.  As I previously mentioned, I'm not working at the Police Department anymore.  After a lot of consideration, conviction and prayer, Joe and I decided it was time for me to be the homemaker that I've always yearned to be.  Joe is working three jobs to try and keep up and going to school to finish up his degree--I am beyond proud of him.  It is also spectacular to be living my heart's desire!

Cainan just started second grade and Asher started kindergarten.  I am signed up to help in both of their classes.  Joe and I are also geared up to be small group leaders for a new marriage class at our church and Joe is going to be a small group leader for a men's class.  I am also embarking on a new ministry providing dinner on Wednesday nights for families who have come to serve and participate in AWANAS.  We're really excited about all the serving opportunities but also realize how much we will need God to sustain us over the next couple of months!

Life is busy for us, as it is for just about anyone I know but God is good all the time!

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